Computational Thermophysics and Fluids Laboratory


Principal Investigator (PI)

Savio J. Poovathingal
Assistant Professor, 
Department of Mechanical Engineering,    CV

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Graduate Students

Ayan Banerjee 

Project: Investigtion of In-Depth Radiative Heating in Composite Materials

Ares Barios-Lobelle (jointly with Prof. Alexandre Martin)

Project: Oxidation of Carbon-Carbon Composites in Hypersonic Environments 

Tyler D. Stoffel

Project: Development a Robust Framework for Multi-Phase Simulations in Reactive Environments 

Brendan Soto

Project: Development of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) to Predict Effective Properties of Composite Materials

Undergraduate Students

Cameron Brewer

Project: Automation of Resin Infusion Into Synthetic Microstructures of Composite Materials