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CTFL has openings for two post-doctoral scholars. Your research work will involve collaborative work with NASA, the U.S. Air Force and Navy, national laboratories, and research universities. Your training and mentoring will position you to be a leading expert when you leave CTFL. There will be many opportunities for internships at NASA, AFRL, industries (Lockheed-Martin, Boeing), and networking opportunities through conferences.

If you are interested in working on cutting-edge research, please send an email to with a CV/resume.

1. Computational development of a multi-scale solver: CTFL is looking for a candidate that will spearhead the development of a new massively parallel, modular code with plugins and containers to interface various mesoscale solvers that investigate thermal, structural, flow, radiative, and chemical response of insulating materials interacting with hot gases. The focus of this position is not on a specific domain knowledge, but rather extensive knowledge in software development for computational physics. Merely developing a module in a larger code is not considered sufficient skill for this position. The team is looking for a candidate who has developed a parallel code using modern architectures as part of their thesis or made significant advancements to an existing code. The candidate is expected to have a significant understanding of how to build plugins and containers to ensure that multiple solvers with unique coding architectures and different programming languages interface smoothly and run on all types of software environments.

2. Developing a universal artificial microstructure generator software: CTFL is looking for a candidate that will lead the current efforts in developing a universal microstructure generator that can be used for various modeling analysis. The lab is looking for a candidate with experience and skill in computational material science that focuses on micro/meso-scale modeling. The ideal scholar would have experience in generating and analyzing RVEs, statistical analysis of material architectures, mesh generation on surfaces, mesh reconstruction and cleaning, and/or has experience with tools like TexGen.

Graduate research opportunities

Currently, there are no graduate research opportunities.

Undergraduate research opportunities

For students in the U.S., the CTFL lab has several research opportunities. Please email the PI, Savio Poovathingal with a CV/resume.